Why is the Eleksen™ Connected Worker Platform important?

Most companies are undergoing digital transformation to apply the power of the internet to every area of their business – sometimes called “Industry 4.0”.  This often takes the form of:

  • Replacing pen and paper with digital solutions
  • Connecting plant to control rooms to ensure real-time monitoring and failure prediction
  • Looking at the use of digital twins
  • Creating large data lakes into which data from multiple sources is deposited and then analysed.

Many large organisations see this as a Main Board topic.

When we talk to many of our large customers, it becomes evident that whilst those organisations generally have good plant and physical asset data, they do not have good people data. Their people information normally comes from a variety of incompatible sources, most is not timely, and arrives in a mixture of forms that makes harmonisation of that data for structured analysis impossible.  There is a danger of “rubbish in, rubbish out”!

We believe that connected wearables represent a great opportunity to improve people data.  However, it is becoming more evident that without using a common platform onto which all your wearables attach to ensure the delivery of uniform data sets, much of the potential value to your organisation will be lost.  You don’t want to integrate 50 different apps, 50 different control room dashboards, 50 different presentations of incompatible data sets.

Main Boards of FTSE 100 companies are now looking at our Connected Worker Platform in the light of its playing a strategic role if their investment in other downstream areas of digital transformation such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are to show appropriate Return On Investment, or be accelerated in terms of implementation or effectiveness.

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