Through its innovative and ground-breaking technology, Eleksen™ embeds washable ‘electronic networks’ into industrial PPE jackets/vests worn by industrial workers.

With the added benefit of being device agnostic, Eleksen™ solutions can effortlessly be integrated into pre-existing safety ecosystems. This allows for the delivery of actionable insights driven by multi-source data.

The world of ‘Health and Safety’ is evolving. Legislative authorities are raising the bar higher and higher with regards to the minimum requirements for workforces. PPE, however, has seen very little change over the last 30 years, with an increasing number of differing systems available for the collection and reporting of data. This has led, unsuprisingly, to an all too common situation where much of the safety data collection done today is inconsistent, haphazard, incomplete and untimely.

The Eleksen™ Connected Worker Platform now provides a market leading modular solution that enables the timely collection, real-time monitoring and analysis of data delivering valuable actionable insights to different management around your organisation – site managers, HSE management, data analytics, occupational health, process engineering and financial managers.

We have designed our solutions to be modular, so that investment in one solution can be reused as your organisation integrates additional functionality from the platform.

Some of the world’s largest industrial companies are now rolling out our Eleksen™ solutions. Some are starting with Eleksen™ solutions that do not require IT integration nor GDPR compliance, and which can be funded out of small health & safety budgets or innovation budgets. Others are starting with the full IT and GDPR integration.

In every case, we work with our customers to ensure that they, and we, adhere to local territory data privacy policies (eg. GDPR in Europe), our customers’ own Data Privacy policies, and our own WTL Data Privacy policy.

Come and join us, whether to learn or pilot to better understand how our connected worker products and solutions can add value to your organisation.

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