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We have built a connected worker platform that end customers can use flexibly within their businesses; the core of that flexibility is that we do not make the sensor devices themselves – we prefer to integrate devices from the world’s leading suppliers.

We are building an ever expanding catalogue of device functionality:


  1. Physiology Sensors – vital signs
  2. Noise Detection
  3. Vibration Detection
  4. Emissions Detection
  5. Posture Monitoring
  6. Vehicle Proximity Warning
  7. Body Camera.
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The Benefits

For end customers:

  • We do not make the sensor devices.  WTL offers a universal platform, onto which the end customer can add whatever sensor devices it chooses, from whatever manufacturer it chooses.
  • Customers can therefore utilise their existing inventory of sensor devices.
  • Within reason, we can connect any bluetooth-enabled sensor device the customer wishes.
  • In the future, as new sensor devices are developed, the end customer is not tied into a particular manufacturer.

For existing device manufacturers:

  • We generate additional sales and revenue opportunities.
  • We provide exposure of your devices to a large customer base – an additional free route to market. Where a customer expresses interest, we hand the lead over to you or your distribution channel in a particular territory to be processed on your normal commercial terms.  You continue to own the customer.
  • Where you already have a dashboard, we operate a freemium model to ensure that your existing business model and revenue streams are unaffected.
  • Where your device does not already incorporate this functionality, we add value to your device (without needing to modify it) if it already has bluetooth built in:
    • We tie in your device to a particular worker for the duration of his/her shift.
    • We provide location data on where your device is being used.
    • We provide the comms and the ability to stream your device data and alerts in real-time to a site office or control room.


For new sensor manufacturers:

  • We generate additional sales and revenue opportunities.
  • We provide exposure and pilot opportunities with major enterprises for free.
  • We provide a wrapper of global comms, location, worker ID and real-time data feeds into the cloud for your product, enabling you to focus on what you do best – sensor development.

Want to join the WTL connected worker ecosystem as a partner?

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