The lack of robust modern systems is the key issue raised whenever health and safety is mentioned with reference to rail worker safety.   Tragic incidents highlight the need to harness modern technology to increase rail workforce safety.

“Railway accidents: casualties by type of accident, Great Britain 2017/18


Major Injuries

Minor Injuries


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The Rail sector is characterised as a high risk industry for its workforce, both in terms of injuries and fatalities. These can include:

• the risk of collisions 

• vulnerability to electric shock 

• exposure to challenging environmental conditions

• the frequency of work outside regular hours 





How can eleksen™ improve rail worker safety?

Our solution

The Eleksen Connected worker platform provides real time monitoring of the track side and enables incoming train alerts, SOS functionality and longer term occupational health monitoring to enhance rail worker safety.


The use of our geo-fencing around trackside worker/rolling stock in essence puts a protective bubble around the rail worker, allowing for real time alerts to be sent to the worker, train and control room, warning of an imminent breach of the bubble.

Proximity Warning System

This provides alerts to both worker and vehicle drivers in slow moving trackside vehicle situations. 

Working Alerts

Our Smart Garments/Personal Hub, provide three types of worker alert – Visual ( Flashing High Intensity LEDs built into PPE Garments ), Audible alerts, and Haptic (Vibrating) alerts in high noise situations. 

Eleksen Smart Garments in association with Pulsar

SLOW vehicle proximity warning system

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