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Most large enterprises we speak to recognise that the “connected worker” revolution will happen, and are interested in exploring the benefits that can accrue to themselves and their workforces.

As an early leader in this emerging market, WTL is building an ecosystem that can support your enterprise globally so that you can pilot, integrate and roll out an end to end platform with other suppliers that you may already use.

WTL is working under NDA with around 50 major companies to integrate, amongst other things:

  • Seamless data comms within our platform, across your operations globally
  • Voice comms via radio as well as data comms via cellular, wifi, Bluetooth etc.
  • Smart garment and washable electronics technology
  • Sensor devices from some of the world’s leading sensor device manufacturers
  • Hardware logistics to ensure that the hardware elements of the solution can be provided and supported on a next day basis
  • Systems integrators to ensure that we can take data to and from your other IT systems, and to provide services and support wrappers around our platform to your sites around the world
  • Identity and access management systems so that your workforce can use their existing ID cards within our platform solution.

Want to join the WTL connected worker ecosystem as a partner?

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