“To provide actionable insights which enable people to make data-led decisions that both improve workforce safety and increase productivity.”

Our Values


We are a small company with a big dream that can only be achieved if we are determined to succeed hand in hand with our partners



Innovation is the heart and soul of our company. We encourage all our employees to push their imagination to the limits


From investors, to partners to our customers, our collaborators are the cornerstone of our business

Our Story - How Did We Start?

From a background of embedding washable electronics in smart PPE garments, we have moved to create an end to end connected worker data platform.  The story began when we were invited to a large plant where we saw that workers carried small personal gas monitors.  When we enquired, we found that if they sensed gas they alerted the worker, but not co-workers, and not the central control room.  On visiting the bunker control room we saw that it was primarily designed to monitor the pipes of the plant, but not each worker.  In an emergency, it appeared that it could be relatively blind.

We realised that by connecting each gas sensor to a small comms hub carried by the worker, we could monitor who was carrying each device, where they were on the site, and through real-time monitoring of the device status, ensure that the worker was safe.

Here was an opportunity to build a cloud-based Internet of Things platform that could be used across enterprise customers’ sites globally, but where each site could attach whichever sensors from multiple manufacturers were most relevant to its operation, and where uniform, timely data could be aggregated and analysed both locally and centrally to improve worker safety and in due course, productivity.  We wanted to ensure wherever possible that a site could attach its existing inventory of sensors.

More than six years and many granted patents later we offer a modular solution.  Following the connected home and connected car, we believe that the connected worker will be the next unexplored frontier in the Internet of Things.  Come and join us on our journey!

Who Are We?

The Eleksen™ Connected Worker Platform has been created by Wearable Technologies Limited (WTL), a group of dedicated individuals who have pooled their talents to improve workforce safety. We have harnessed the new world of IoT to create an end-to-end connected worker solution, to deliver better data-based decision making across your business to ultimately drive profitability.

WTL, based in the UK, has the smart garment, hardware, software and data analytics skills needed to deliver an end-to-end platform to large enterprise customers in utilities, construction and logistics. Our mission is to assist our customers in improving their safety, increasing their productivity and reducing their corporate risk. The company, as an early entrant to the market, has over 40 granted patents.

David Livesley

David Livesley

Non exec Chairman

Mark Bernstein

Mark Bernstein

CEO and Founder

Tushar Chavda

Tushar Chavda

CCO & Sales Director

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark


What are wearable technologies?

Wearable technology is an emerging market of electronic devices that work as accessories, embedded in clothing or even implanted in the user’s body. These devices have an array of practical uses and are usually enhanced with the ability to send and receive data via the internet, thus putting wearable technology at the forefront of IoT (Internet of Things).

Our company, Wearable Technologies Limited, was created to deliver a wearable connected worker solution to the market.

“Wearability is an inexorable tide. The sectors that will benefit most from these trends are those that place the highest value on employees, because smart wearables make a huge difference to workers’ safety and productivity. What’s most exciting is removing the danger and drudgery from people’s jobs!”

Mark Bernstein, CEO of Wearable Technologies Ltd

Why is Wearable Technology important?

In any internet of things (IoT) application, it is always the “data” that matters. After all, it is data that allows us to make informed decisions that evolve our businesses. Every business generates and collects data whether it be from talking to customers, tracking inventory or even recording workplace safety incidents. Wearables help the timely and accurate collection of that data.

One of the leaders in his field, data guru Bernard Marr said, “I firmly believe that big data and its implications will affect every single business, from fortune 500 enterprises to mom and pop companies, and change how we do business, inside and out”.

Gathering data is becoming easier every day, using environmental device sensors and online platforms. With them we can,

  • Make better decisions
  • Help solve problems
  • Analyse performance
  • Improve processes
  • Help understand consumers
  • Help understand your market

As large enterprises seek to utilise the power of new connected devices, they are increasingly realising that these devices need to be connected to a single, standardised IoT platform, delivering harmonised data to one place for easier analysis. 

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