The role is to be part of a newly-created team focusing on the selection and integration of sensor devices from a wide range of manufacturers onto the group’s world leading connected worker platforms. These include our Eleksen Platform and the Blackline Safety Platform.

This is an opportunity to work for one of the UK’s leading IoT companies. Wearable Technologies Limited (“WTL”), which was founded in 2014. Initially co-funded by BP, has developed an end-to-end Connected Worker Solution, which has the smart garment, hardware, software, firmware, and data analytics capabilities needed to deliver an end-to-end platform to large enterprise customers in the utilities, construction, logistics and transport industries. Our solution is marketed under the name Eleksen ( . The Eleksen solution enables the real-time monitoring of workers which improves worker safety and their health and increases productivity.

WTL has recently been acquired by Canadian industry leader Blackline Safety Corp based in Alberta Canada which wishes to rapidly expand WTL’s activities around the worldBlackline Safety is a publicly listed company on the Toronto stock exchange (TSXV: BLN). Its website can be found at

Are you an experienced, passionate professional looking for a new challenge?  We are a technology company set to create a shift change in the digitisation of health and safety and productivity to connect and protect workers around the world.  With applications across a variety of industries, we are looking for someone who will work in our core projects team to help us to make the working world a safer place. 


The Role:

The Company is looking to recruit a Senior Firmware Engineer to work in our Device Integration Team. This is a full-time position based at our HQ office in Enderby, Leicestershire UK.  You will report to the Device Integration Team Leader with a dotted line to the Firmware Team Lead.  The role is to be part of our newly-created team of business analyst/project manager, firmware and application software developers to focus on the selection and integration of sensor devices from a wide range of sensor manufacturers onto the group’s world leading connected worker platforms.  These include WTL’s Eleksen Platform and the Blackline Safety Platform.



As part of a Team, further develop the Eleksen Connected Worker platform. This involves both real time monitoring of workers to detect, alert and respond to immediate risks to their safety, as well as analysis of historical data to manage workers’ exposure to long term risks to their health. WTL currently differentiates itself in the market by offering a device agnostic platform, onto which any sensor manufacturer’s devices can be attached.  By offering our customers the widest range of sensor devices to select and connect to, we can collect the broadest data sets and deliver the richest data analytics and insights to those customers.  These sensors include those that can monitor gas, noise, dust, vehicle proximity, and physiological vital signs.

WTL is recruiting a team that is motivated by working on cutting edge technology with device partners  working on solving challenging problems and working in a tight-knit team of multidisciplinary engineers. As  the team’s senior firmware engineer you will assist in the selection and integration of partner sensor devices onto the group’s platforms, and then be involved in the testing and maintenance processes of those devices onto and around the platforms. This involves embedded software development and comms (BLE, cellular, wifi).



The Eleksen Connected Worker platform architecture consists of a number of wearable devices on each worker, wirelessly connected to a common cloud computing and storage system. At each individual worker there is local data collection, storage and processing, as well as near real time communication with other workers, on-site supervisors, and remote management. At the cloud there is remote data collection, storage and processing of individual and aggregate worker data, as well as integration with other business systems and 3rd parties. As part of our development team the Firmware Engineer will develop enhancements, additional functionality to our wearable electronics together with integrations to third party device sensors.


Responsibilities and Capabilities:

You will…

  • Write code in C.
  • Perform unit testing.
  • Document interfaces.
  • Develop for microcontrollers with very restrained resources, a real-time operating system and connectivity to the cloud.



You will have/be:

  • Coding experience in C.
  • Real Time Operating Systems.
  • Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers or similar.
  • Espressiv ESP32 system on chip.
  • ADC’s, GPIO, UARTs, SPI and I2C busses.
  • MQTT Comms over cellular and WIFI.
  • GNSS positioning systems.
  • Battery and power management.
  • Working with C source code held in Git repositories.
  • GNU toolchain and eclipse development environment on Linux.
  • Interfacing IoT devices to AWS’s and IoT services such as AWS IoT core.



Competitive salary. Following a successful probationary period, you will be entitled to benefits including medical and dental and a group stock purchase plan with matching contributions.


Wearable Technologies are working with some of the world’s top companies.  They are demanding of us.  We are therefore demanding of ourselves.  To thrive at WTL you will be a driver and self-starter.  You will be empowered but will be held accountable.  You will leverage the excellent people about you.  In turn, they will depend upon you to lead, and demonstrate high ethical standards both internally and externally.  Most of all, you will be driven by a desire to match yourself against the best.


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