The Company is looking to recruit a Firmware Engineer, this is a full-time position based in our Enderby HQ Office.

Responsibilities and Capabilities:

  • Write code in C.
  • Perform unit testing.
  • Document interfaces.
  • Develop for microcontrollers with very restrained resources, a real-time operating system and connectivity to the cloud.


As part of a Team ,further develop the Eleksen Connected Worker platform. This involves both real time monitoring of workers to detect, alert and respond to immediate risks to their safety, as well as analysis of historical data to manage workers’ exposure to long term risks to their health.The Eleksen Connected Worker platform architecture consists of a number of wearable devices on each worker, wirelessly connected to a common cloud computing and storage system. At each individual worker there is local data collection, storage and processing, as well as near real time communication with other workers, on-site supervisors, and remote management. At the cloud there is remote data collection, storage and processing of individual and aggregate worker data, as well as integration with other business systems and 3rd parties. As part of our development team the Firmware Engineer will develop enhancements, additional functionalityto our wearable electronics together with integrations to third party device sensors.

What’s it like to work for Wearable Technologies?

This is a unique opportunity to work for one of the UK hottest Internet of Things start-ups. Wearable Technologies Limited (“WTL”) is an early leader in the “connected industrial worker” space. It has developed its Eleksen Connected Worker Platform to enable the real-time health and safety monitoring of large industrial workforces in global enterprises.

We are looking for bright committed individuals who want to help us create the future in an environment comprising intelligent garments and fabrics, IoT sensors, dashboards and predictive analytics.

After working in Silicon Valley for a number of years, the CEO has always encouraged a “can do, no hiding” culture within the business. To ensure this working environment there are three guiding principles to WTL:
• We exist to generate shareholder value (for us as well as our investors)
• Our people should leave us with better CVs and life skills than when they arrived
• We should have fun (we have an annual ski trip, for example)


You will have/be:

  • Coding experience in C
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers or similar
  • Espressiv ESP32 system on chip
  • ADC’s, GPIO, UARTs, SPI and I2C busses
  • MQTT Comms over cellular and WIFI
  • GNSS positioning systems
  • Battery and power management
  • Working with C source code held in Git repositories
  • GNU toolchain and eclipse development environment on Linux
  • Interfacing IoT devices to AWS’s and IoT services such as AWS IoT core
  • We would also look at bright keen graduates with at least a 2.1 in a relevant degree


  • £45,000 to £55,000 for experience
  • £25,000 to £30,000 Graduate
  • Invitation to join employee share option scheme based on performance, following a three month probation period

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