Eleksen™ is the smart workforce safety innovation from Wearable Technologies Limited, a company committed to delivering data driven solutions. Data is at the core of everything we do, it influences our decisions daily. This is why the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a fast-growing phenomenon, leading to our rapid implementation of new solutions such as the connected home and the connected car as we start a digital transformation that spans all aspects of our lives.

The Connected Worker is the next step in that transformation, improving health and safety, increasing productivity and reducing corporate risk. Eleksen™ is the first to create an end-to-end solution that fits effortlessly into your existing safety ecosystem.

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End to End IOT Solutions

End to End IoT Solutions

End to End IoT Solutions – the modular Eleksen™ solutions are built to cover an entire operation from making an individual worker in the field safer, through to real-time monitoring of the workforce in the control room. We use smart garment technology, breakthrough communications devices and a bespoke reporting and analytics suite, to create a solution suited to the individual needs of every company.

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We Are Device Agnostic

We Are Device Agnostic – rather than issuing your workforce with a completely new set of environmental sensors as you would with other solutions, we have built ours to interface with your existing inventory of sensor devices from manufacturers such as Casella and ReacTec, and even “dumb” devices such as respirators and harnesses.

Smart Garment Technology

Smart Garment Technology

Smart Garment Technology – our Eleksen™ Smart Garments (PPE) are embedded with electronics that allow the garment to interface with the sensor devices worn by your worker, to provide an extra layer of safety support. They are manufactured by a range of licensed garment manufacturers – who may already be supplying your own organisation. 

Multi Source Data

Multisource Data

Our sophisticated platform enables a comprehensive picture to be built for an individual site or an individual worker from multiple sensor devices, in a way that a single sensor device manufacturer can’t do. The richness of the data sets are aggregated onto the platform for analysis which enables better decision making. 

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